Independent Medical Evaluations

APCLP utilizes physicians with no less than 15 years of clinical experience to provide a history and physical examination, detailed medical chronology,  and provide opinions regarding issues of causation, apportionment of injuries, life expectancy analysis, and future care.

  • Objectively assess a patient’s medical condition.

  • We are board certified physicians in specialties including PM&R, Pediatric Neurology, Orthopedic Trauma, and Neurosurgery.

Deposition & In-Court Testimony

In and out of court, our experts define the illness or injury event and how it might affect a patient‘s daily life in terms of income earning, functionality, medical requirements, and more.

  • Our medical-legal experts understand the process of litigation and are comfortable in a courtroom environment.

  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists are available upon request.

Comprehensive Assessment

We have experts in multiple physician disciplines who can assess a patient’s accident details, current medical status, prognosis, and provide detailed recommendations for current and future medical and non-medical care needs.

  • Costs of goods and services are provided for based on a patient’s location.

Acute Catastrophic Injury Case Management

Providing early case management and consulting services to the newly injured and family of the newly injured.

  • Upon suffering serious injury or illness, individuals and families are burdened with decisions that are important to the physical and psychological health of the injured.  Because these decisions ultimately impact the vocational capacity and financial viability of the injured person and their family, Dr. Vigna consults on medical services that my be required.

Medical Record Review

A comprehensive medical chronology is essential when crafting a life care plan. This is a dynamic document that pulls information from the overall health and must be presented in an organized and clear fashion.

  • We compile an organized summary of all medical information across all channels in order to be easily accessible for long term patient care and in litigation.

Comprehensive Reporting

We create comprehensive reports of information that include essential medical information about a patient’s status.  These reports are effective evidence and allow for proper execution of a valid life care plan.

  • We detail recommendations across multiple specialties to allow for a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and care going forward.