An Expert Team

APCLP utilizes physicians with no less than 15 years of clinical experience to provide history and physical examinations and review of the medical records to provide opinions regarding issues of causation, apportionment of injuries, life expectancy analysis, and future care.

The team leader will be a Board Certified Physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a Certification in Life Care Planning.  This physician is involved in each step in the systematic approach of analyzing the future needs of an injured person with ongoing oversight of nurses, occupational therapist, and rehabilitation counselors who contribute to the life care plan and related documents.  A Daubert proof work product is the result of a combined 75 years of clinical and life care planning experience.

Specialists in Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurology, and Orthopedic Trauma are available if necessary to provide additional support to the foundation of the life care plan if clinically indicated.

Vocational Rehabilitation experts are available upon request to provide independent assessment as to the complex issues of wage loss in patients with catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries.

  • Objectively assess your medical condition.

  • We are board certified physicians and specialists.

Office Locations

Santa Barbara Office

  • 1155 Coast Village Road, Suite C
    Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Dallas Office

  • 3310 Fairmount St., P1C
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