Project Description

Trusted Advisors

The foundation for our life care plans is provided by trusted clinicians in the communities they serve with decades of experience in managing similarly injured patients.  This provides for credible, reliable, and independent evidence as to the future care necessary to prevent complications and improve the psychosocial welfare of those with catastrophic and non-catastrophic injury.

Our experts are practicing physicians who understand the necessary and appropriate care required in the management of catastrophic and non-catastrophically injured persons as determined by the accepted best practices in the academic community  as opposed to that artificially created by payor sources.

Our experts provide consistent, unbiased, and reliable testimony by understanding the care necessary now and into the future.

  • Highly qualified expert witnesses.

  • Board Certified Experts with years of experience to allow for reliable and scientifically credible opinions as to causation, apportionment of damages, life expectancy, and current and future care needs.

Office Locations

Northern California Office

  • 1303 Mable Ave.
    Modesto, CA 95355

Santa Barbara Office

  • 629 State Street, Suite 213,
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Long Beach Office

    3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 200
    Long Beach, CA 90806

San Diego Office

  • 600 West Broadway, Suite 700
    San Diego, CA 92101

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