Dr. Greg Vigna provides early case management and consulting services to the newly injured and family of the newly injured. Fees for services provided are negotiable.

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Patients and families of patients who have suffered serious injury or illness are burdened with decisions that are important to the physical and psychological health of the injured.  These decisions ultimately impact  the vocational capacity and financial viability of the injured person and their family.  These are very important decisions and Dr. Vigna has practiced catastrophic injury medicine for 25-years, managing patients acutely and as they age with a serious injury.

Dr. Greg Vigna provides consulting services for the injured and their family as to the medical services that may be required.  Fees are negotiable and there are charity services based on need.

Medical facilities for the acutely injured may include acute rehabilitation hospitalization (ARF), long-term acute care hospital admission (LTACH), skilled nursing facility (SNF), and then outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Medical specialties for the acutely injured may include:
1) Orthopedic surgery
2) Neurosurgery
3) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
4) Psychology
5) Neuro-psychology
6) Interventional pain management

Allied Health Care providers include:
1) Orthotic prosthetics
2) Physical therapist
3) Occupational therapist
4) Speech therapist

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