Depositions & In-Court Testimony


Trusted Advisors The foundation for our life care plans is provided by trusted clinicians in the communities they serve with decades of experience in managing similarly injured patients.  This provides for credible, reliable, and independent evidence as to the future care necessary to prevent complications and improve the [...]

Comprehensive Assessment


Thoroughness and Professionalism We systematically evaluate all data including a patient's medical record, the clinical interview of the patient and caregivers, and the physical examination to determine the current medical and non-medical needs of those with debilitating injury or illness.  Each step in the work product is provided [...]

Medical Record Review


Certified Professionals Academic Physician Life Care Planning understands the importance of an accurate medical chronology as part of the IME.  The Medical Chronology is integral to the foundation of the IME and the Life Care Plan in that previous care more often than not predicts future care to [...]

Comprehensive Reporting


Comprehensive Reporting Our Work Product is detailed, to the point, and clear as to the key medical diagnoses that lead to the impairments that require both medical and non-medical care to the injured person's life expectancy. Our experts understand that no person in the courtroom should know the [...]

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