Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC provides Sanchez proof testimony for its defense and plaintiff life care plans that relates to the anticipated cost of necessary future medical care by providing opinions in its life care plans from neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and Board-Certified physicians in Physical Medicine.

Dr. Greg Vigna, Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Certified Life Care Planner, and member of California Bar will be available at as a Sponsor/Exhibitor at the TBI Med-Legal Conference in San Diego ( to discuss the impact of Sanchez. Dr. Vigna is an expert regarding the California Evidence Code and the implication of Sanchez for Defense and Plaintiff Firms.

The Sanchez Decision by the California Supreme Court in June of 2016 has precluded a physician or nurse from relying on costing research provided for by this historic practice of obtaining cost data by life care planners, as this case has ruled that this testimony and reliance on these costing data essentially becomes ‘testimonial hearsay’ and is now barred by the confrontation clause of the Sixth Amendment.

California Evidence Code requires that an expert base their opinion on their ‘knowledge, skill, experience, education, and training’. In addition, California Evidence Code allow an expert to ‘state on direct examination the reasons for his opinion…., unless precluded by law from using such reasons’.

Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC provides ‘Sanchez Proof Evidence’ by using neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, prosthetic experts, trauma surgeons, plastic surgeons trained in burn care, and Board-Certified Physician in Physical Medicine Rehabilitation for its opinions that relate to all necessary future care and its cost, and life expectancy analysis. The physicians also have skill, knowledge, and experience related to facility fee costs.

Dr. Greg Vigna, owner of Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC and is a practicing physician serving as the Medical Director of Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Modesto. Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC provides ‘Sanchez Proof Evidence’ with no additional cost for its life care plans. Dr. Vigna adds, “Sanchez adds an additional burden on Defense and Plaintiff Attorneys. Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC through its experts in the trauma related medical fields has reduced this burden in time and expense to zero”.