Academic Physician Life Care Planning: Evidence of value of previous care rendered.

Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC provides Sanchez proof evidence for Plaintiff and Defense firms from Board Certified Physicians in all the trauma related medical fields as to the reasonableness of the value of previous services billed for personal injury claims in California.

Pebley v. Estrada Decision, a 2016 California case, allows for a plaintiff who is treating outside his insurance plan, to introduce evidence of previous medical bills. In response the attorneys for the plaintiff and defense must provide expert evidence as to the reasonableness or unreasonableness of the value of the bills. In People v. Sanchez, a 2016 California case, the Supreme Court prevents the admissibility of evidence of cost of goods and services provided by Nursing Life Care Planners from sources such as the CPT Codes or the common practice of calling vendors of goods and services in the location where the injured person resides as this evidence is ‘Hearsay’.

Greg Vigna, MD, JD, Certified Life Care Planner, owner of Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC, and expert in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation provides evidence of future care or injured persons and cost of such care for both plaintiff and defense firms that is Sanchez proof.

Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC has access to physician experts in Adult and Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Plastic Surgery, Burn Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, and Interventional Pain specialist. Not only is the evidence Sanchez proof as to the cost of care, it is a Daubert proof opinion of the necessity of medical and non-medical care.

Dr. Vigna understands that plaintiff and defense firms owe a duty to their clients to control the cost of litigation but also to provide the best evidence that relates to the future cost of medically necessary care and the value of previous care rendered. Dr. Vigna provides this evidence and is committed to bringing in physician specialists at no additional cost to support the opinions in its life care plans.  For additional cost a Billing Expert is available, if necessary, who can independently testify to the reasonableness of the value of services provided as she provides billing for private physicians across California.

Academic Physician Life Care Planning, LLC pricing for its plans is flexible depending on urgency of the work product, the complexity of the case, and the specialist required to provide a Sanchez proof work product. Dr. Greg Vigna, MD, JD, CLCP, a national pharmaceutical injury attorney, practicing physician, and life care planner will discuss pricing options available for both plaintiff and defense firms.